Some basic plumbing issues are often attempted by property owners, but there are times when calling in a professional plumber is the best or only option.

Even some of those simple projects are best handled by a pro if you want professional results. If you're paying a municipal water bill, consider how much a constantly running toilet will cost if you don't get if fixed right. When you consider the time, tools, and materials involved, the quickest and cheapest solution often is a local plumber. Of course, a professional does a lot more than unclog drains.

If you're considering a major bathroom remodel or adding a gas line for a new barbecue, those things generally require permits. A professional knows the process and building codes to get the work approved and the inspectors satisfied. They can help you make the best choices for faucets, showerheads, and other fixtures to meet your tastes and budget, and get them installed right the first time, with minimal fuss and damage.

When toilets are backing up into showers, the problem is likely a clog in the main line. Locating and clearing the obstruction usually involves specialized equipment. A professional will have the equipment, and, just as importantly, experience using it to clear the line. Let's face it, your plumber can do a lot of dirty jobs you don't even want to touch. Sometimes excessive rain can overwhelm systems that seemed to be okay but have just enough obstruction to prevent proper drainage. Your best bet is calling in a professional rather than living with a foot of water in your basement.

Nothing is worse than being stuck with taking cold showers - except no shower at all. Many times your water heater is the problem, and whether it is gas or electric this is one of the situations where professional installation is recommended. It can be a tricky job. There are a lot of things that could go wrong, and poor adjustments could cause leaks and further damage. Keep in mind that small plumbing problems, if put off or incorrectly repaired, tend to become big problems.

Your local professional provides a range of services:

  • Professional drain cleaning of both minor and major plumbing lines
  • Professional service and repair of leaking or sticking kitchen and bathroom fixtures
  • Repair, installation, and maintenance of septic systems
  • Installing new features and upgrades such as hot tubs, extra shower heads, and modernized water heaters
  • Water and gas leak detection
  • Repair and installation of natural gas lines
  • Kitchen and bathroom expansions and remodels
  • Installation of water softeners and filters to ensure a supply of potable drinking water